CedarCreek Networking Inc. - Corporate Profile

CedarCreek is a leading provider of technology-based business solutions. Our team of professionals collaborates with clients to focus on the business challenges at hand. We develop effective strategies, designs, and expert implementations that best meet the needs of our clients - putting technology to work for your business' future growth.

The physical foundation of any thriving enterprise. A well-planned, well-executed infrastructure is the underlying foundation of successful business communications.

In today's economy, all the ingenious products, brilliant marketing and champion deal closers won't amount to much if you can't communicate. What happens if the network crashes and all you can say to your customers is, "The computers are down, please call back later". CedarCreek provides solutions for all business types to ensure your technology solutions meets all your needs.

CedarCreek's mission is to help your business succeed with the effective use of technology. 

Our dedication to technology based business solutions, and our commitment to our clients to provide superior technology, internally and externally, has led us to focus our efforts on five technology areas:

Managed Solutions - improve business technology performance and reduce 
                                  internal resource demands.

Servers & Storage - integrate leading storage and server technology while
                                  reducing total cost of ownership.

Security - ensure your systems and data are secure.

Thin/Remote Computing - deliver effective access solutions for all programs   
                                           and users.

E-Commerce - incorporate advanced network based application switching

Through our partnership with netSENTINEL we have developed a unique IM¦ strategy which offers all the elements that your specific business would require to develop and maintain a successful network infrastructure.

I = Implementing - offering strategic network design and tactical network implementation. We deliver solid infrastructure solutions that are tailored to your businesses needs.

M1 = Monitoring - netSENTINEL provides a single tool to monitor and manage your entire network infrastructure. netSENTINEL will monitor all manageable devices including servers, data networks, and IP-capable voice equipment.

M2 = Managing - netSENTINEL manages your current infrastructure more effectively by diagnosing problems, detection configuration changes, log errors, etc. It also allows you to track your valuable assets.

M3 = Maintaining - receive professional technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our netASSIST support service. With netASSIST you have the entire CedarCreek team of professionals behind you.

CedarCreek was founded in 1993 in Kitchener, Ontario. The founders of CedarCreek came together with over 20 years of experience in the industry in a variety of business types worldwide including companies such as Lloyd's of London, XL Global and Brockbank in London, England. 

Our networking expertise has evolved beyond the underlying LAN and WAN technologies. A more strategic business solution approach has been taken through the complimentary use of our partners' technologies.

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