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At CedarCreek we invest a great deal of effort into the training and certifications of today's superior technologies, allowing us to implement business technology solutions to meet your business requirements.

We have carved out an enviable position in the network infrastructure world working with and being certified on a large breadth of technologies. We have become experts in the following areas:

   Managed Solutions
   Servers & Storage
   Thin/Remote Computing

By combining the proven networking solutions from our partners with your unique requirements and CedarCreek's experience, you reduce time and risks associated with the introduction of new functionality within your network. 

CedarCreek has spent a significant amount of time and energy finding infrastructure products that compliment one another. We have then partnered with these manufacturers based on our mandate to offer superior network and communication solutions to our clients. Partnering to CedarCreek means being fully certified with the right personnel on staff so we can support what we implement. Our partners are world leaders in infrastructure solutions, involved in 90% of enhanced communication functionality.

At CedarCreek we also understand that no solution is taken in isolation and no two networks are the same. When considering new network technology, we have the ability to simulate your network in our lab along with our partner's products in order to reduce the time and the risk of unplanned implementation issues.

When your company is deciding on which business solutions to choose, we have the experience to assist in understanding both the pitfalls and advantages of the various infrastructure designs, criteria, and components.








We are also pleased to be a part of very reputable organizations which aid in the growth of our business.


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